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DO SOMETHING FILMS began in 2013, and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We are Jen Sheridan (video production) and Sabrina Torres (social media strategy) - two women who have a solid track record creating films and online media that moves people to act. 


Want to stop harmful pending legislation? Encourage people to take action in support of your cause? We can help. 

Locally, we are proud to have worked extensively with a Tennessee state advocacy org to fight numerous pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation over the years. Nationally, we were excited to work with a well-respected organization on a piece for an anti-LGBTQ SCOTUS case. 


Our short film, "I Kissed a GIRL: [a documentary]" screened at film festivals in the US, Canada and the UK. Currently in production, "Love, Hate, Church & State" is a documentary re-imaginging evangelical Tennessee as the new Rainbow Capitol of the World.  

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