Our clients have a lot of explaining to do.

  • You need to get the word out about an upcoming legislative vote. The bill is complicated, the issues are complex, and you know the only way it will pass (or be stopped) is if people understand what's at stake, and be motivated to take action by calling or writing to their legislators. Where do you start?


  • You've decided to run for office (congratulations!). It's important people know about your platform and what you believe in, but how to stand out among the candidates in the best possible way, and have a way to move voters to publicly support you as soon as possible?


You need to explain what you're up to, and inspire the public to partner with you to accomplish that goal. That's the one-two punch that our social impact videos can help deliver, and we've got you covered from conception to completion.


Tell us your ultimate objective, we'll map the content strategy and assist you in determining the appropriate target audience (it isn't always who you think it is). Then we'll create a very shareable, engaging, bite-sized video to outline your cause, and help you target your audience to stand up and speak out

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